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Our Testing Application Document provides a complete look at the kinds of samples that are tested with our measurement techniques

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We Offer Fast, Flexible and Accurate Test Services For:

  • Flatness, warpage & coplanarity of PCBs, substrates
  • ICs, packages, whole wafers and wafers on film frame
  • Form factors ranging from 2 × 2 mm to 600 × 600 mm
  • Dynamic temperature profiling from -55°C to 350°C

Provide your samples and we will test them in our state-of-the-art applications lab located in our Atlanta, GA headquarters.

Testing Application

We test using 
four, full-field optical techniques for measuring flatness

  1. 1 Shadow Moiré
  2. 2 Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
  3. 3 Fringe Projection (DFP)
  4. 4 Interface Analysis

Shadow Moiré

Allows for the measurement of warpage (out of plane displacement) on smooth, continuous surfaces over temperature. Measurements are fast, full-field, and accurate down to sub-micron resolution, depending on application.


The only technique that can perform in plane measurements. DIC uses pattern matching of speckle patterns applied to the sample surface to provide x-y strain and CTE data over temperature.


Fringe Projection is capable of measuring dis continuous surfaces with high data density. The surfaces can have large variations in step heights.

Interface Analysis

Interface Analysis allows a high-level and in-depth review of the attachment interface between two surfaces that warp during the reflow process

Interface Analysis

Checks both Macro characteristics of the interface, such as

  • “Maximum Gap” for all surfaces across all temperatures
  • Micro details such as the predicted gap between a single interconnect location, at a particular temperature.

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Why the Top Companies in the World Choose Akrometrix

Akrometrix provides quality services and equipment to measure and resolve thermo-mechanical surface flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations. We serve specialized markets, including:

  • Electronics & Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Medical Electronics